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Friday, April 27th 2012

7:58 PM

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From: Texanucaol.com
Subject: College Days - Part 3Being a swimming fanatic, I searched out the college's pool and found out
what I had to do to get in and work out. It was quite easy with my student
ID, so I decided to add a swim to my daily schedule for therapy on the
knee.It was great to slide into my speedo and hit the water and exercise, and
the eye candy wasn't too bad either. I learned when the swim team would be
finishing their afternoon session and would arrive just before then so I
could watch all those trim, .muscular bodies in their speedos. It didn't
take long before I met a few of the guys on the team and they asked why I
didn't try out for it. I explained about the knee so that was enough, and
they invited me to join them for the late swim, their unofficial practice
which began at 11 pm when the pool closed.I got to the pool right at 11 and went into the locker room to change into
my white speedo - I had clipped out the liner so nothing would be left to
imagination when it was wet. Grabbing my towel, I walked out to the pool
to find five members of the team swimming laps, and they were all naked!Greg, the one I knew best, swam over to the side and asked me what the f***
I was doing wearing a suit - they were not allowed for late practice.
Didn't take me more than a couple of seconds to shuck the Lycra off and
dive into the pool with the rest of the guys. We swam laps for about
thirty minutes getting a dark lolita young nude
great workout.I had just done a kick turn and was straightening out to swim another
length of the pool when I was stopped by a hand grabbing my cock. Gulping
water due to the surprise, I surfaced to find Greg hanging onto me with a
huge grin on his face.He explained that I had to go through initiation to be a member of the late
night swim club. I asked what that was, and he explained that each of them
had taken the others, one way or another, their first night, and I was to
do the same. Looking around at those five jocks, I didn't have any
objections.Greg helped me out of the pool, led me to the diving board and told me to
get on my hands and knees. I assumed the position and he got in front to
feed me his dick while another of the swimmers got behind me and started
rimming my hole. That dude soon replaced his tongue with his rod and
started pounding my butt. Both of them were rubbing their hands all over
my back and chest and making me moan with pleasure.They shot their loads into me and fell into the pool, only to be replaced
by two of their buddies. My holes were again filled with prime beef. I
was being royally reamed, and loving every minute of it. Greg and his bud
got out of the pool and got back into line behind me, then Greg slid under
me and took my rod into his mouth.The two that were riding me shot their loads into my holes and fell off the
board, only to be replaced by number 5 and Greg's buddy who got into my
face this time. Greg kept working my dick with his mouth, tongue, and
throat, and I was getting ready to loose my loadGreg teased me, working his tongue under my skin and circling the glans,
then drawing back when he knew that I was close to cumming. When he felt
me calming down, his tongue attack would start again and bring me back to
the boiling point, and then back off. He had me bucking on the board,
swallowing his mate, and flexing my ass around the other guy.I don't know how long this went on, but Greg had my balls turning blue in
need of release, and the other dudes sounded like they needed to blow. I
was trying to beg for release lolitas models virgins videos around the cock stuck down my throat.Finally Greg decided to have mercy on my soul and swallowed me down. I
shot just as his friend gushed into me and filled my stomach with its third
load. Then I felt the guy behind me spasm and fill my ass for the third
time. Greg shot another load onto his smooth chest, but I didn't know that
until I collapsed on him and got stuck in the goo.We all rolled off the diving board into the water and lazily swam around to
cool off. I had never taken three rods up dark lolita young nude my ass like that, but was
glowing from the experience. The guys said that I was now a member of the
nighttime swim team, but there was one last initiation rite to seal the
deal.They led me into the shower room and laid me on my back and commanded me to
jerk off. Then they surrounded me and started pulling their own puds.
Even though I had just shot a major load, I couldn't help but get aroused
looking lolitas models virgins videos up at five members of the swim team masturbating above me. They
shot their loads all over my chest and groin while I spilled another load.We turned the showers on and washed each other, with a lot of exploration.
Then we dried off and got dressed, promising to meet again the next night.
I was encouraged to try out for the lolitas under age possing team, and we parted company with my
guarantee that I would contact the coach the next day.
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Thursday, April 26th 2012

12:00 AM

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